Our Philosophy & What We Do

What we do

Mulsanne Management helps our clients strengthen their organizations’ ability to execute with the speed, adaptability, and durability needed to win—and to continue to win—amid the ever-increasing change and competition of today’s business world. Our offerings build on a deep track record of success and include:

  • Advisory Services – Strategy, transformation and technology exploitation consulting
  • Executive Dashboards – Turn-key implementations of transformational technologies
  • Mulsanne Academy – Expertly facilitated off-site business workshops in a motorsports setting

Our philosophy

At Mulsanne Management, we know that winners in business and winners at the highest levels in motorsport have a lot in common. In both cases, winners know the importance of focus, speed, adaptability, and durability. Mulsanne Management helps our clients integrate those attributes into the fabric of their own businesses.

Our firm takes its name from a small village in France that figures prominently in the annual 24 Hours of Le Mans, a grueling twice-around-the-clock automobile racing competition that brings out the best in both drivers and machines.
For most of the race’s history, the roughly 4-mile stretch known as the Mulsanne Straight gave drivers a much-welcomed moment of rest, despite some cars reaching speeds in excess of 250 mph. Mulsanne provided drivers a break from the race’s many high-speed corners, gear changes, and heavy braking zones.

But gone are the days of momentary relaxation on each and every lap. Today’s Le Mans configuration includes two chicanes placed along the Mulsanne Straight. Requiring both heavy braking and quick turns to the left and right, these chicanes have the effect of lowering ultimate speeds while increasing the race’s intensity. With no opportunity for a momentary break, drivers today are constantly in battle mode – as are winners in today’s business world. Competitors can no longer plan to simply seize and comfortably keep the lead – both in business and on the track, the race to the front is intense and unrelenting.