Scott Good

Scott Good leads Mulsanne’s information technology consulting practice.  Scott is an enthusiastic leader with more than 20 years involvement in the world of information technology consulting services.  A serial entrepreneur, Scott has broad experience in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to graphic arts, from publishing to software.

His experience and skills span the left-brain/right-brain spectrum making him uniquely able to cut through the muck of conflicting requirements to uncover innovative and often unexpected solutions for clients including Abbott Laboratories, American Electric Power, Battelle Memorial Institute, Chrysler Financial, Fidelity Investments, Honda Research & Development, IBM, Nationwide Insurance, the US Department of Defense, and others.

Scott acted as chief architect and interface designer on three of the world’s most innovative workflow management software products. These include a tool able to recognize, define, and adapt workflow requirements based on algorithmic comparison of the merits of individual requests against an organically defined responsibility matrix.

An avid writer and public speaker, he has published more than 70 articles on topics related to software, interface design, and automobile racing, and recently published his first novel, a mystery/suspense story called “Loss of Control” that revolves around the murder of an amateur racing driver. He is currently at work on a new book combining automobile racing and business leadership principles.