About Us

Sacha Clark, Mulsanne Management’s founder and CEO, launched his professional career in the late 1980s, and he has accumulated a diverse array of consultative and executive credentials. As part of his deep business strategy, transformation and reengineering background, helped IBM create “competency configuration” to scale up its consulting business; Mulsanne uses the same principle to knit together the broad, deep expertise that resides in-house and across its network of partners.

Brett Daberko, COO and Managing Principal, leads Mulsanne Management’s Sales and Marketing Strategy practice. His deep knowledge of go-to market strategies, sales structures, targeting accounts and developing associated strategies, partnership development and customer/consumer planning, make him an extremely valuable resource for Mulsanne clients and strategic partners.

Stephanie DeMichele directs Mulsanne’s education strategy, planning, and courseware enrichment initiatives, and is a key resource in the design and development of Mulsanne Academy’s skill-building seminar offerings. Stephanie’s strong experience in educational technology consulting and in the creation of innovative curriculum content enable her to drive lasting change for our clients and partners.

Doug Dubin is Mulsanne Management’s practice leader for Mulsanne Digital, the firm’s Strategic Communications practice. His deep experience with digital media strategy and execution enable him to drive critical communications in support of major change initiatives. He has broad industry experience but has a specialization with traditional and on-line retail businesses.

Professor Jim Ginter co-leads Mulsanne’s Supply Chain Strategy & Management Practice and is also an internationally recognized thought leader on Marketing and Strategic Management. Jim brings to bear his rich experience as both a consultant and a celebrated Fisher School of Business professor emeritus. Jim, together with Sacha Clark and Scott Good, also has an impressive motorsports competitor and instructor resume.

Dr. Thomas Goldsby co-leads Mulsanne Management’s Supply Chain Strategy & Management Practice along with Jim Ginter. Tom is a renowned expert in the area of supply chain management and logistics. He serves as the Associate Director of the Center for Operational Excellence at The Ohio State University and brings Mulsanne clients his rich experience in supervising more than 100 Lean/Six Sigma supply chain operations with industry partners.

Scott Good leads Mulsanne’s information technology consulting efforts, and is an authority in the areas of software architecture and interface design as well. An avid writer and public speaker, Scott has published more than 70 articles on topics related to information technology, software, interface design, and auto racing. Scott’s more than 20 years of experience in information technology consulting services make him a highly sought-after resource by Mulsanne clients and strategic partners.

Carol Graser heads Mulsanne Management’s Organizational Design and Leadership Development Practice. She also has extensive experience with strategic direction-setting and transformation, and she leads projects that span from coaching senior leaders and executives to developing the next generation of leadership.

Dr. Mike Shank, PhD in Business Strategy and Management Information Systems, is in charge of our Strategy Practice. Together with Carol and Sacha, Michael was a key co-leader of IBM’s e-business strategy practice, and he has helped drive strategic initiatives for clients in several key industries around the globe.